Monday, May 31, 2010

Amy Thompson Run 8K - Memorial Day 2010

When: May 31, 2010
Where: Loose Park, Kansas City, MO
Distance: 5 miles
Temp: 68F
Humidity: 80%
Finish Time: 51:39
Avg. Heart Rate: 158

This marked my 3rd year running this race. Unfortunately, I needed to run it smart and not push myself during the race. It was tough to do, but I wore my HRM and wanted to keep the heart rate below 165 with an average below 160.

I arrived early to walk around the park since the only time I'm here is when I'm running the path that borders it. About 10 minutes before start time I line up behind the 10:00 pace marker. It feels odd because I really WANT to be near the 8:00 marker so I could run my PR. However, since I have a tough HM in 5 days, I decided to take the advice of some very knowledgeable runners here on the forum and run an easy race. While waiting for the start I snapped the follwoing pictures:

Looking toward the starting line

Looking at the few runners behind me

Looking at the hill we have to run up for the finish.

The pack starts moving and my competitive nature is trying to steam roll over my common sense. Picture the devil on one shoulder saying "it will only be 40 minutes of hard effort, you'll have no problem recovering in time for the HM." While the angel is on the other shoulder saying "don't listen to the devil, listen to the advice your friends gave you." The next thing I knew the angel appeared on the other shoulder and bit%@-slapped the devil to the ground! Common sense won out and an easy paced run was in the making.

Instead of giving a play by play of the run, I'm going to let the pictures do the talking for me. I hope you enjoy them.

Mile 1: Split - 10:17

Just after the start.

About halfway through.

Mile 2: Split - 10:29

Near the start of mile 2.

Abouth 3/4 through mile 2

Mile 3:
Split - 10:30

Near the beginning of mile 3

Early in mile 3

Halfway through mile 3.

Near the end of mile 3.

Mile 4: Split - 10:36

Sign near the start of mile 4 approaching the final water stop.

About 1/3 through mile 4.

Mile 5: Split - 9:47

Near the start of mile 5.

OK, so as you can tell from the mile 5 split I did pick it up a little. I had to finish strong so I kicked it up the hill at about a 6:00/mi pace. It felt soooo good to finally get some speed to my legs

Overall I would count this race as a complete success. I had a lot of fun and managed to take it easy for 99% of the race. I could definitely feel the humidity though. Just look at the shirts in the photos and you can see the humidity in action.

I hope everyone enjoyed the pics. Have a great Memorial Day!

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  1. Smart move keeping a slower pace! Good luck on your half!