Saturday, June 30, 2012

Rock The Night Away Half marathon Race Report

What: Rock The Night Away Half Marathon
When: June 29, 2012
Where: Lake Perry, Kansas (Branded B Ranch)
Start Time: 8:30 PM
Starting Temp: ~94F
Finish Time: 2:34:10

Since I knew this was going to be a warm race, I decided that I was going to respect the heat and take it easy. This would be my toughest race of the year so far, as well as my longest trail run of the year by almost 3 miles. This was also one of the funnest races I've done!

I arrived at the race location, Branded B Ranch, at about 7:00 PM. I spent the majority of the time in the shade drinking water to make sure I was hydrated before the race started. For hydration during the race, I used the CamelBak Ultra LR 2L hydration pack. I placed it in a cooler of ice to keep it colder longer.

Taken about 20 minutes before the race started.

With about 15 minutes to go, I put the sunglasses in my car and grabbed the CamelBak out of the cooler. It was then time to line up for the race.

Race Time:

I need to give props to the race director - Bad Ben Holmes, the volunteers, and fellow Trail Nerds for making this a great event!

The race started promptly at 8:30. We ran for a short distance down a dirt/gravel road and then cut into the trails.

This was a 2 loop course with 3 aid stations per loop, 1 manned and 2 unmanned. The energy at the manned aid station was awesome. They also had a steady supply of water, sports drink, S-caps, energy chews, and tons of motivation.

I was able to run the first 3 miles without turning on my headlamp. I took advantage of the light and powered through the rocky sections. Once I had to turn on my headlamp, the pace slowed. I finished the first half in about 1:07:xx.

This race was so far a vast improvement over last year when I had to drop at the 10K point due to ITB issues. This time, when I approached the manned aid station, I knew I was going to turn to continue on the HM course.

At the turn, I lost most of my pacers and was running solo. This is when my pace slowed, but surprisingly, I managed to pass 5 other runners during the 2nd half and was only passed by one.

I struggled from Mile 10 to the finish. Since I was running solo, I walked more than I should have, but kept moving forward. I could feel my hamstrings getting tight which, for me, normally leads to ITB issues. That's one reason why I walked more than I needed to. I also walked more because my endurance isn't where it should be. I'm making strides in the right direction though.

During the times when I walked, I snapped some photos.

My main goal for this race was to finish safely and I'm happy to report that it was achieved! I was so happy to be able to run through the finish line. I feel like I received a little redemption from last year.

Photo taken by Dick Ross of SeeKCRun

After the race, I ate some grub, took advantage of the free ART treatment, drank a beer and cheered in other finishers.

Since I had The Color Run 5K in the morning, I had to make the hour long trek back to KC. I must again thank Ben Holmes, the volunteers, and fellow Trail Nerds for making this a great event!

If you made it through, I hope you enjoyed the RR.