Saturday, December 18, 2010

A run around Wyandotte County Lake - 12/17/10

I ran a preview of the course for the 50K this morning. The race will be three loops around Wyandotte County Lake. I used the "course" feature on my Garmin, but unfortunately started the wrong direction. I ended up running into some other runners, Dan and Mark, who were getting ready to run the course and invited me to tag along. The last mile or 2 has some serious inclines. Lets just say my glutes were a bit sore after the run. I ended up doing 15 miles instead of 20. I was fine until my 11 when I stopped to use the restroom. My arm warmers and gloves ended up thawing out and becoming damp. Because of that, my arms and hands were getting colder as the miles went on. I decided I better head back to my Jeep and warm up. Since I only ran a portion of the trail alone, I only have pics from part of the course (I didn't take any when running the course the first time around). I hope you enjoy the numerous pics.

A view from the trail

One of the many uphill sections (nowhere near the worst of them).

near where we started the first loop

Frost on the armwarmer

Another view from the trail

Another uphill section (again not the worst)

view through the trees

Unfortunately I didn't get pics of the best parts of the trail, guess that will happen next weekend. I hope you enjoy the pics.