Saturday, June 18, 2011

Intro to Summer Trail Run RR

What: Intro to Summer Trail Run
Distance: 2.8 miles
When: June 18, 2011
Where: Wyandotte County Lake Park
Finish Time: 23:44

This morning I ran a great event put on by the KC Trail Nerds. Last year, this event was my first ever trail race. I finished it about 5 minutes faster this year than last year.

Overall I am really pleased with my performance. As usual, I started way too far back and had to work to pass people. Since the majority is on singletrack trails, passing space is limited. At one point I decided to run through the woods to the left of the trail for about 100 yards so I could pass a line of people.  The issue wasn't that the runners wouldn't let me pass, just that passing space was limited without forcing someone into a tree or the high weeds.

I ran a negative split and don't think I was passed by anyone during the last half of the race. I believe I was 19th OA out of 64+. Either that or I was the 19th OA male out of 64+. Either way I'm still pleased with my performance.

I think my camera has taken too much of a beating over the last few years due to being dropped so my pictures aren't that great, but I hope you still enjoy them. I didn't take too many pics and most were during the first mile.

Pre-race Photos:

Registration area.

Picture of the trees hiding the trail.

Lining up ready to race.

Mile 1:

Heading into the trail.

I'm moving so fast it's blurry.

A look at the narrow conditions that were along most of the trail.

I'm starting to look for a place to pass.

I made the pas and was finally moving at a good pace.

Wider portion of trail where we have two-way traffic.

Mile 2:

The wide section of trail where I made my move and surged ahead. It wasn't long before we headed back on the singletrack. Since I was running at a 7:45/mile pace, I decided not to take any photos when we hit the singletrack again. After all, I didn't want to face-plant by tripping over a rock, root, or slipping on the mud.

All finishers received a "2.8" sticker. I figured WTH, why not put it on my Jeep and make everyone wonder what the 2.8 means.

After the race I went back out on the trails with a buddy of mine and managed another 7.5 miles. Here are some pics from that excursion.

Running across the dam to hit the trails again.

All in all it made for a great 10+ miles on the trails and a great way to spend a Saturday.

I hope you enjoyed the pics.


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